5 Reasons to Make Newsletters Part of Your Marketing Plan

Here at The Marketing Girl, newsletters are among our most engaging methods of connecting with current and potential clients. Have you considered an e-mail newsletter as part of your marketing strategy? Here’s why you should!

Newsletters are Yours for Life!
Although delivery methods have changed, the premise behind newsletters remains the same, and even better, a CASL-compliant newsletter can be stored for life. Many newsletter creation platforms include archives, some of which are accessible from both the creator end and user end. Additionally, your readers can store your newsletter for future reference. Including resources and information in your newsletters that your clients will refer back to in the future is a great way to maintain connection!

Become the Thought Leader
Many of the best newsletters contain a combination of features, including a showcase of your products and services, resources for clients, and an opportunity to highlight all the ways you are a thought leader in your industry. When you become the source of great information in your industry, you are able to easily demonstrate your expertise and remain top of mind for your clients.

Captive Audience: Newsletters Meet Your Clients Where They Are
The key feature of newsletters is that they don’t require anyone to seek you out—you get to meet them where they already are! You are delivering your information right to their inbox because they asked to receive it. There is no need to fight for their attention. However, be sure to never take this for granted and work to ensure you keep their attention and earn their business. A strong newsletter provides a glimpse at the tools, options, and ideas you can offer, and these teasers will bring them to your website or business eagerly seeking more.

Consistency Builds Trust
A consistent newsletter is an invitation. By ensuring that your newsletter arrives on time and carries a consistent message, you help your clients and potential clients connect to you and your business. Consistency means ensuring a regular delivery schedule–you decide whether to send your newsletter weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on some other schedule, but whatever you decide, stick to it! We like the monthly format as opposed to something less frequent, but it’s important to choose a schedule you can adhere to and works with your industry. For an example, emails that offer daily deals works for that brand but would not work for a real estate company. In that same line of thought, the consistency that the daily deal company has set up requires them to send daily and the minute they are not, they break the expectation in their clients and therefore the trust.

Consistency also means maintaining your brand identity across all your platforms. You don’t want your readers seeing one face of your business in your newsletter only to click through to your website or social media and discover you’re presenting yourself differently there!

Newsletters are Easy to Start & Maintain
There are many platforms for creating newsletters, including popular options like MailChimp or ConstantContact. Many of these platforms contain templates for building a newsletter with visual appeal and strong content ideas. If you’re ready, you can use one of these tools, or you can consult with The Marketing Girl to create a content strategy and choose the right tools to create a successful newsletter for you and your business!

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