How Poor Customer Service Can Provide Valuable Business Insight

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In recent months, I’ve started to notice how many of my personal, real-life experiences provide valuable business insight and lessons. As I become more involved with clients and move further into the marketing world, my brain has become wired to take note of what I like about my interactions as a customer – and often, what I would do differently. … Read More

What’s Your Story? Writing a Press Release

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When writing a press release for your product, service or cause, it’s important to remember that your prime objective is to identify the backbone of the story and then tell it in an engaging way. Give the media a good story to tell — they don’t want to hear all about you. Often times it’s the story behind the story. … Read More

My Big Client OOPS & How I Fixed It

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Have you ever had that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you are reviewing something for a client and then a situation comes to light where all you can think and repeat is “Oh SH*T!”? I made a mistake – a big one that really affected my client. To promote their new training program, we set up … Read More

Advertising on LinkedIn – Your Secret Weapon

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If you’re browsing LinkedIn and wondering what the purpose is beyond recruitment and sales prospecting, you have yet to tap into one of the popular networking site’s most promising features: advertising. While the platform is often used to find the right candidate for a particular job or connect you with your network, LinkedIn is starting to push their advertising services. … Read More

4 Entrepreneur Lessons You Need to Know

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I have run The Marketing Girl for nearly four years and learned many valuable entrepreneur lessons along the way. Some are no-brainers, but some were learned the hard way. I’m going to share a few of them here, so you can learn from my mistakes! 1. Never Take Your Clients for Granted If you were an employee, would you disrespect … Read More

Coincidences Don’t Exist in Business

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I consider myself a trusting person (maybe too trusting sometimes in a city like Calgary). What can I say? I was raised in Regina in a neighborhood where no one ever locked their doors, we played games in the street from morning until dark and I was never afraid to walk home alone after sunset. I am a firm believer … Read More

Spring Cleaning: SMART Goal Check-Up

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We’ve made it through what was, for many of us, a long and brutal winter. The sun is finally beginning to peek from behind the grey clouds, colors are returning, and it’s starting to be possible, at least for a small part of each day, to let in a little bit of fresh air and clear out the stale winter … Read More