New Year, New Goals: Activity Plan (s)

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Now that you’ve set your SMART goals for 2015, we’ll talk about how to create and implement a useful activity plan for each of your new campaigns, to ensure the steps you take toward your larger goals are just as organized and achievable! What media will you use? What resources do these media require? What is a reasonable timeline in … Read More

Lessons in Social Media from Christmas Favourites: Miracle on 34th Street

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In honour of the Christmas season, we will be sharing 1 blog post a week inspired by Christmas movie favourites. In each post, we will share one tip on how you can improve your social media marketing through the holidays and into the new year. This Week’s Feature: Miracle on 34th Street In Miracle on 34th Street, the fierce competition … Read More

Competitors or Business Allies – Your Choice!

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Can competing businesses co-exist? My answer is a definite YES! It is all how you view “competition”. When you have a strong unique selling proposition (USP) or one thing that makes you rock in your industry, why be so concerned with what your competition is doing? It may be me and my business practices but I generally keep my eyes … Read More

How to Find Your Business Mojo

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Your unique selling proposition (USP) is truly the mojo of your business! Here is why do you need to know yours: A USP is something every business has – it is how it initially got into business and has been successful in its industry. Ultimately, a USP is a business’s competitive edge over its competition and what makes it rock … Read More

Time Saving Tips for Content Marketing

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The latest trend in marketing right now is “content marketing” or “content strategy” but what does it mean and how can you capitalize in it? Content marketing is basically how to develop your marketing content strategically and use it across multiple marketing platforms. In the past, when a company created marketing content, very little strategy went into the design and … Read More