Doing the Walk in Ethical Practices

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Ethical Practices

Thanks for joining us back here on the TMG blog! If you’re just tuning in and missed last month’s article, here’s the recap: we’re still in the process of moving, and it continues to be an exercise in controlled chaos.…But wait. You’re not here to hear about my family’s move – you’re here to dig into the details of ethical practices … Read More

Your Valuable Clients – Treat them Like Gold!

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Valuable Clients

As an entrepreneur, I know my clients are a key aspect of my business. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without my valuable clients. They trust me to provide them with the best service and support. There are some approaches we use to ensure clients are always getting the gold-standard service they deserve. Don’t be a Stickler … Read More

Client Processes and Finding Creative Solutions

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Client Processes

As a businessowner, it can be a challenge to shut down the entrepreneurial part of my brain. On the one hand, this has the tendency to drive me (and my family!) a little bit crazy. On the other, it means that throughout everything I do in my day-to-day life, I learn more about smart client processes. I am constantly learning … Read More

Three Overlooked Aspects of Client Relations

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Being pleasant to work with, providing great service at dependable prices, and staying in consistent contact — all fairly obvious (and crucial!) components of good customer relations. But there are a few other, less obvious aspects of great client relationships that I have been thinking about lately, and each one can go a long way toward building lasting, positive relationships … Read More

How Poor Customer Service Can Provide Valuable Business Insight

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In recent months, I’ve started to notice how many of my personal, real-life experiences provide valuable business insight and lessons. As I become more involved with clients and move further into the marketing world, my brain has become wired to take note of what I like about my interactions as a customer – and often, what I would do differently. … Read More

My Big Client OOPS & How I Fixed It

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Have you ever had that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you are reviewing something for a client and then a situation comes to light where all you can think and repeat is “Oh SH*T!”? I made a mistake – a big one that really affected my client. To promote their new training program, we set up … Read More