Your Excuses for Not Blogging Are Bull

There are 1,001 reasons that business owners don’t feel their business needs a blog, and trust me, I have heard them all!

  • You’re not a writer.
  • You don’t know what to write about.
  • You suck at grammar.
  • No one would listen to what you have to say.
  • You can’t afford it.
  • There are a million other business owners in your industry already blogging about your industry.

Here’s the thing. I see these reasons as what they truly are: excuses. And your excuses are bull tweet! All of them! Sorry, but they really are. Some of them might even be true, but none of them are valid reasons for not blogging.

The fact is, there is really no one better than you to speak to your clients and target market via an easily accessible and highly visible platform like your blog. Who else can write about you, your business, your clients or your industry better than you can? No one!

Let’s break down a few common excuses for not blogging.

Excuse: I’m not a writer.
If you tend to ramble, have a hard time organizing a piece to really reflect what you want to say, or just have a hard time with grammar or spelling, you need to call on other resources for help. One great option is to hire a ghostwriter. For a surprisingly affordable fee, a good ghostwriter will take your own words and ideas and form them into a post that reflects just what you wanted to say in the first place — and even better, their words should sound like you wrote them!

If you simply need help with spelling and grammar, you can have a trusted colleague read through your finished draft and edit it before you post it. No need to stress!

Excuse: I Don’t Know What to Write About
What do current and potential clients most often ask you about? It might seem dull and obvious to you, but remember that you’re the expert. To others, this is new information that they are searching for online. Start a list of potential blog post ideas. Ask your staff and colleagues to contribute ideas as they think of them, and be sure to add them to the list. Then add news, new products or services, upcoming events including sponsorships and community involvement, and topics that you have spoken about at conferences or that you teaches classes on. The possibilities are endless once you know where to look.

Excuse: I Can’t Afford It
If the thought of paying a writer or editor puts you off, don’t worry. You can write your blog yourself. Just remember to determine a frequency first, make a list of topics, and stockpile some posts in advance so that it’s easier to keep up with your chosen schedule. Then set aside time each week or every two weeks, depending on your blog frequency, to brainstorm, write and post new posts. And don’t forget that you can schedule posts in advance!

Now for the tough love. What you’re going to do next is sit down with your computer or notebook and start writing down ideas. Once you have a list of ideas, you can either choose one and write it — don’t hesitate, write it now, even a couple hundred words will do! — or give me a call and find out more about what some behind-the-scenes help with your blog can do to build your business.

Either way, the point is to START.

Congratulations, you’ve just taken the first step toward having a new and powerful marketing tool for your business!

If you’d like to know how ghost writing can work for you or need help getting start with you blog, contact me and we can get started together.

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