Lessons in Social Media from Christmas Favourites: I’ll Be Home for Christmas

In honour of the Christmas season, we will be sharing 1 blog post a week inspired by Christmas movie favourites. In each post, we will share one tip on how you can improve your social media marketing through the holidays and into the new year.

This Week’s Feature: I’ll Be Home For Christmas
Many families can’t be together at the holidays, and this is reflected in many of our classic Christmas songs. The melancholy tone of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” “Blue Christmas” and several handfuls of others can seem strange when juxtaposed with the festive lights and visions of cheer, but they reflect the fact that for many people, the holidays are a bit less bright when loved ones can’t be with us.

Lesson in the Movie:
Culturally we are very aware that many families find themselves far-flung these days, which can make the holidays complicated, but more and more families are using social media as a means of sharing their holiday memories and experiences. Give them the opportunity to use your brand as a medium. A few years ago, Kleenex launched a campaign where when a loved one was sick, you could go online and mail them a “Kleenex Care Package”. People sent these when they could not physically able to be there for the sick person. The package contained all the care items people look for when they are sick and wanting comfort. So essentially, the sentimental thought was there in a Kleenex branded box – pretty creative.

Find a creative way for your audience to use your brand as medium to connect with family far away. Develop a series of holiday-themed images people can share to send to loved ones far away. People will use your images that have your logo subtly in the corner. Launch a contest where people could win a holiday gift package from your company for themselves and a friend if they share an image from your social media page.

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