Marketing Resources: 9 Sites You Want to Check Daily

For all of you marketing DIYers or people who thrive on learning marketing news for themselves, this list is for you. Many people ask me what websites I keep up on for the latest marketing trends. It is mission impossible to keep up on ALL of these but here are some great resources to keep in your back pocket when marketing information tickles your learning fancy.

Sites to Check

This website has very useful advice for any anyone interested in social media. The articles are written so anyone can understand them and you won’t need a social media degree to understand it or follow the advice.


Anyone who is interested in websites, web development, search engine optimization, online marketing or content strategy should be following this site. It is always rich with the latest news from the big search engines and offers helpful tips to optimize your website. Some articles can be technical in nature though so have Google handy. ?


I love this website because it has some up and coming social media writers who are hungry to produce good content and I am rarely disappointed. After reading any article on this site, I have learnt at least one lesson to implement in my own social media strategy or share with a client to improve theirs.

Not sure where the community aspect of this website is but for content, it is awesome. It is an all-business encompassing website that offers advice from increasing productivity at work to creating a marketing plan. I find the writers are usually small business owners and they cater to that reader so as a small business owner, I can really relate to their advice.


This website is super popular and can be a bit hit or miss if you are looking for marketing advice. However, one thing I love about it is that it focuses on entrepreneurs – of all size companies. At their core, entrepreneurs have similar goals for their business and this website feeds information to achieve their goals. Also, I find this website offers tons of great case studies and interviews with entrepreneurs who have made it big. These articles offer great advice for the small business owner trying to grow or needing to aspire to something. After reading a good CEO feature article, I am always revved up about my business!


Ann Handley never disappoints on this website. Not only is it a great site for webinars (some paid and some free), it has a ton of free articles to refer to. This website also has great writers with very strong marketing expertise in a range of marketing areas from digital media to social media to marketing strategy and so much more. You will always learn something new from their articles and Twitter posts.


Dear Seth never disappoints. His blog is something I read religiously. Sometimes it does not directly relate to marketing but almost always, there is a hidden marketing or sales message. Even if the message is not apparent, you will be entertained by his writing style and antics.


Firstly, I will say this is a website that sells many products so everything will relate to a product they are trying to push BUT the blog is worth reading with a bit of salesy undertones. It offers great marketing advice and almost always offers a free trial or version of their product that WILL help you with your website, sales or marketing. I don’t work for them, I swear…I really like their free tools.


This website is mainly based on ads and technology news in the marketing world. It is a great reference point when you are looking for inspiration for a marketing campaign or needing to see marketing that really blows up the design box. Some of the articles and ads I have found on here have helped me blow through creative blocks and develop great strategies.

What would you add to this list?

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