Social Media Audit

Is your social media fizzling out or lighting up?

Is your social media launching conversations between you and your customers? Not sure how to understand what conversations create the most engagement? Discover how to ignite effective and influential dialogue with a social media audit.

The Marketing Girl team works with you to understand where you currently sit with your activity and community engagement, along with how to make more effective use of your time, resources, and content. Through assessment of past and/or current activity, you receive recommendations for how to improve your social media engagement, post times, and content for your specific audience(s) allowing you to have a thorough understanding of how to capitalize on your specific social platforms.

Your social media audit will include:

Engagement and community building strategies

Current understanding of your audience

Platform and frequency strategies

Topic and content generation ideas

Ideas to infuse in other marketing initiatives

Let us find out the true story of your social media presence. Contact us today.


“I would heartily recommend Amanda because of her professional approach and attitude to her profession. I have found her personable, adaptable, intelligent and a creative thinker. She has ideas, problem solving skills and a determined attitude.

She can take a joke and has a good sense of humour, something desperately need in the workplace and lacking in too many people. Her approach and helpful attitude are appreciated, she will be missed around her after she goes.”

– Barry Meckelberg, Commercial Property Manager

“Amanda was a classmate of mine at the Edwards School of Business and a fellow AIESEC member and I knew her to be both dedicated and intelligent. As a student she was usually near the top of her class and contributed to class discussions in a thoughtful and informed way. She also displayed a willingness take on new challenges by deciding to accept an AIESEC internship in Ukraine. I believe Amanda would be a valuable member for any organization.”

– Mike Sibley, VP of Talent Management

“During my work with Amanda I have found her to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, honest and courteous. Amanda has excellent communication and creative skills. In addition, she is extremely organized, reliable and computer literate.

Amanda can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. She is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned to her. Amanda provided valuable assistance in other areas of company operations, as well.”

– Eugene Ozvek, Graphic Designer

“The Marketing Girl won’t waste your time — she is funny, smart and knows her stuff. Working with her gave me new confidence in my social media communications, and I notice that since taking her training, our numbers of followers, favourites, retweets and likes continue to increase. Amanda’s help has been extremely valuable.”

– Karen Owen

“Amanda who beyond being a pleasure to work with, has a talent for producing excellent results. Amanda was given the task of re-branding Barclay Street Real Estate in short amount of time. Within that short period of time, she was able to impress me with her attitude and aptitude. I look forward to working with her again.”

– Mike Brain, Associate Broker

“Amanda is an extraordinary individual who is well known for her ability to persevere and deliver results. She is well spoken, highly charismatic, and I am always astonished by the level of dedication and detail she emphasizes in her work. Amanda is an incredible asset to our organization and it is a pleasure working with her.”

– Francis So, VP of Finance

“Everyone needs an Amanda. In a day and age where good web design is critical to any group or organizations success, Amanda is a breath of fresh air. She very patiently works organizations through the process, and assists them in making what to some of us is a different language, completely doable and in a timely and cost effective format.

My favorite part about working with Amanda is she never makes me feel silly when I don’t have a clue, but by the end of the process we have not only done some good work, but I’ve learned a thing or two. Go Amanda.”

– Bill Nixon, Director of Support Services

“Amanda has been working with our department during a period of rapid changes. She has quickly learned our processes and system and has shown a ready desire to take on new projects and tasks.

Amanda has the ability to manage both the broad stroke and fine tuning details of projects she is asked to help with…and is a pleasure to work with!”

– Glenn Sherwin, Marketing Group Lead

“The Marketing Girl has added value to my business by providing a clear, articulate plan for my marketing and following that up with the support and feedback I needed during the creative process and implementation. Amanda ensured at every step that she knew exactly what I wanted and needed, leading to successful implementation of the marketing plan. I will continue to hire Amanda for my marketing projects because of her talent and professionalism.”

– Suzanne Petryshyn, Owner & Mediator

“Working with Amanda for a year and a half I was impressed with her strong work ethic, proactive attitude and solid team skills. During her time at Print Audit she helped us successfully launch several new products, expand our website and greatly improve our CRM system (Salesforce).

I would highly recommend Amanda to any company looking for a marketing specialist. Working at Print Audit she demonstrated proficiency in a wide variety of marketing disciplines such as Search Engine Optimization, graphic design, web design, copywriting, video editing and more.”

– Trevor Hofer, Marketing Manager

“Amanda is the person you want on your team. She is professional, talented and very smart with a lot of marketing savvy, and she is eager to help you grow your business. With my marketing in her capable hands, I always feel confident that we will get results. Once I put our social media marketing into The Marketing Girl’s capable hands, I felt confident that we would get results. It was great to see people starting to respond to the posts. I’ve already recommended The Marketing Girl to several people!”

– Sherry Kennedy, Singer & Artist

“My experience with Amanda in the event planned for the 2012 Barclay Street Party was exceptional. She is professional, detail oriented and her event planning skills were apparent in the execution of a flawlessly planned event in a non typical event space.

She obviously has the creative talent and ability to serve her clients well in this capacity. I definitely would welcome the opportunity to work with her in the future!”

– Eileen Stan, Development Project Manager

“Amanda has been a great asset to the Print Audit team. She proved herself to be knowledgeable and creative. I found Amanda always embraced new challenges and was enthusiastic about learning. Amanda was a team player who always jumped in to help wherever needed, even if the task was outside of her normal job duties.

I hope I have the opportunity to work with Amanda again in the future.”

– Lynn Strocen, HR Manager

“After graduating, I knew I wanted to freelance in Graphic Design but had no idea how to market myself. Having done some work for Amanda in the past I felt she would be the best person to advise me.

Amanda is at the top of her game. She has extensive knowledge of the corporate world, but catered her advice for my specific needs as a small time entrepreneur. I would highly recommend working with Amanda. She is knowledgeable, professional, and fun to work with. Her advice has been spot on.”

– Sandra McNaughton, Graphic Designer

“Attention to detail and ensuring these details are complete are two of Amanda’s many strong suits. In the crazy world of events it’s so hard to manage all the many little things alongside the many big things. I’ve not worked with many that can handle this and do it well at the same time but Amanda is one of those that can and does. In fact she flourishes while doing it. I look forward to the next time we work together as I know that it’ll be a whole lot easier having her there.”

– Paul Toth, President & CEO

“Amanda is a resourceful Marketing Girl passionate about her job. She helps me in different ways, especially to achieve my online marketing goals. I recommend Amanda, for her passion, dynamism, honesty and desire to help small entrepreneur like me.
Thanks Amanda for being part of my professional circle!”

– Guylaine Gagnon, Tea Sommelier

“Our experience working with The Marketing Girl went very smoothly and the project was even completed faster than expected! Amanda is easy to work with and great at translating everything into layman’s terms. She’s competent, well-priced and capable!”

– Jon Mook, Owner

“Amanda’s thoughtful focus on our goals produced excellent results with each task she handled. We received many accolades for our Social Media strategy and implementation and felt confident in our messaging each time Amanda was on board.

Best of luck Amanda in all of your future endeavours, your bright future is assured!”

– Shannon Neuman, Operations Manager

“I had the pleasure to work with Amanda while she was managing the marketing and communications for New Era Technology.

Amanda is a talented hard worker individual who knows how to get things done. She was a key player among the New Era team where she helped us rebrand the website, develop a marketing strategy and lead it to execution. Amanda was key in managing and tracking our marketing information using MS Dynamics CRM which helped us track and generate reports on our top 100 clients and develop sales strategies based on this information. This resulted in long term sales increase within our loyal customer base.

Some of the great qualities that Amanda has are: Integrity, Creativity and Getting Things Done. It’s been a pleasure working with Amanda and I won’t hesitate to work with her again!”

– Moe El-Husseini, Director of Operations

“The Marketing Girl has positioned us on social media and through our newsletter as thought leaders in our field, and shown us the power of digital marketing as a lead generation tool. Through our work with Amanda, we have seen the rekindling of client relationships that had foundered; seen our newsletter subscriber database double; and received many sales leads via our optimized and monitored activity on LinkedIn.

Amanda is a pleasure to work with; we were overwhelmed with the possibilities of digital marketing and she gave us bite-sized activities that our staff could handle, complete with structure and analysis so that we could clearly see the improvements.”

– Kevin Ellis, Vice President

“Amanda Schewaga has worked for Barclay Street Real Estate Ltd. as a Marketer and Event Planner for the last 6 months. She is reliable, very well organized and gets things done. Amanda efficiently carried out all of the duties and projects assigned to her. I would recommend her for all the marketing related jobs.”

– Tamara Nowacki, Controller

“Amanda is an enthusiastic, creative and diligent collaborator. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on multiple projects and have relied on her in short-term, high-pressure situations to step up and deliver — and she has, every time. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.”

– Sue McMaster, ASTech Foundation Executive Director / Principal Consultant, QUEST Communications Inc.

“When employed at Grumans Catering & Delicatessen as the in house Event Planner, I worked closely with Amanda Schewaga while planning the Barclay Street’s 2012 Stampede event.Amanda did a fantastic job putting this event together, from the venue to decor, all of the details were taken care of, including the tasty food that Grumans provided!

Amanda was extremely professional to deal with and her organization shined through when her guests arrived to this truly successful event.”

– Erin Granson, Catering Manager

“I cannot say enough about Amanda’s creativity, professionalism and dedication. Personally, I would have been lost without her on several instances – her results for us have been stellar.

Amanda was brought aboard to handle our social media for our residential development company. As a new division of a large commercial real estate company, M2i was given a social media voice by Amanda that was clearly built upon the company’s platform, while being engaging and welcoming. Amanda easily worked with our branding company and our digital firm to create, develop and implement several social media campaigns.

She was key in the implementation of a secondary profile for SoBow, our first residential development. With the second social media account, Amanda did a great job of giving SoBow a distinct, specific profile and building upon the strengths of the original M2i profile while remaining true to the company’s integrity and corporate positioning. Amanda was also key in representing us in the public eye at sponsored events and within the social media community.”

– Ted Gaisford, Marketing Manager

“Amanda’s help reduced my stress around creating social media content and let me focus on more important things within my business. My Facebook engagement and following grew faster than I ever would have imagined, without even doing ads. My package from The Marketing Girl was a great value — she knows Facebook like nobody else!”

– Skye Lawrence, Owner

“Amanda was an amazing colleague to work with! In sales its important to have the support from your marketing team, and on every project we worked on she was important component to our success. She brought to life our thoughts and case studies with amazing writing, spectacular visuals for our sales materials, and brought a key strategic voice to our meetings.

She was also very approachable, and communicated well; a true asset to any sales and marketing team.”

– Chris Garcia, Account Manager

“I had worked with Amanda for about one year at New Era Technology, where she was the Marketing Associate. Since I am in the Sales Department, Amanda and I worked quite closely as she created marketing materials for me, as well as planning and implementing the annual Marketing Strategy.

Amanda is a detail-oriented, self-motivated individual who has a firm grip on the how’s and why’s of customer buying behaviour. This lends to her strengths as a marketing professional, in particular in the creation of effective marketing campaigns that helped support the Sales Department, as well as providing a positive brand image within our client base.

Even after Amanda had moved on from New Era, we kept in touch, and have worked on a project in which New Era had contracted her to create a Quick Reference Guide to support one of my client’s in-house training program. Initially I had immediately thought of her as the right person to approach, because I had no doubt in my mind that she would deliver with exceptional results – and she certainly did!

I would highly recommend Amanda to join any team that is looking for a someone who is well-versed in marketing, either print or electronic media, and who consistently exceeds expectations in executing her deliverables. I am looking forward to working with Amanda again soon.”

– Jasben Lai, Sales Manager

“Amanda is a great person to work with, sets reasonable goals within reasonable time frames. She understands that everyone works differently and allows you to be creative in that space.”

– Stephanie Willis, Chiropractor & Owner

“Amanda has an extensive repertoire of abilities when it comes to helping you market your company. Whether is a knock ’em dead event, sound advice on website design, or effective social media coaching, Amanda can deliver. There is a reason she’s known as The Marketing Girl!”

– Andrea Jones, Owner

“Amanda was a delight to work over the course of several months. She seamlessly integrated herself as a member of our team, and quickly became an invaluable source of knowledge for the whole organization.

Amanda’s Marketing expertise was valuable in developing and optimizing our website content, bringing it to a whole new level. We were lucky to have her working on that project, and I would recommend Amanda to any and all!”

– Greg Wagland, Manager of Annual Giving

“Amanda was a pleasure to work with and provided some valuable insight and suggestions on how to make my current marketing material better in terms of readability, formatting, wording, etc. I would definitely recommend Amanda if you’re looking to improve the marketing material you already have, and/or create a new brand from the ground-up.”

– Richelle Skrilec, CEO & Founder

“We have worked with Amanda for four years, in which time she has taken us from relatively unknown within Calgary to a household name. Whether it’s our rebranding, a complete overhaul of our website, managing all of our public relations or planning events, she always listens, executes the plan and maintains our budget.

I am always very pleased with the way she has all the parts of the big puzzle work and with how she involves all of our stakeholders. Thanks to Amanda’s work, we have found ourselves in the newspaper at least once per quarter, and won the consumer choice award in our industry two years in a row. In working with us, she has become a part of our company, allowing everyone to feel comfortable and cooperate.”

– David Wallach, CEO/Owner

“Amanda does the most amazing job at co-ordinating all the posts, blogs and articles that appear on The Birthing Site Website. The site is filled with useful information for pregnant mums and dads to be, for new mums and also for practitioners like myself.”

– Paola Bagnall, Hypnotherapist & Inspirational Speaker/Author

“Amanda provided invaluable expertise in launching our e-marketing strategy in 2012. I would recommend her to any organization looking to improve their business profile.”

– Dan Harmsen, VP of Marketing

“Amanda has a great vision to share knowledge and support women. The success of The Birthing Site is a clear testament to her dedication to making this happen using her marketing know how.”

– Karen Wilmot, Founder & Director