Business Values – Do You Know Yours?

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business values

Ever since my early university days, I’ve made a habit of working out a couple of times a week. I certainly have seen my fair share of different gyms, workout styles, fitness dynamics, and of course, gym stereotypes. Now, I’m going to take a moment to issue a warning: if you don’t like stereotypes, don’t continue reading. I will be … Read More

Business Battles: Reality or Perspective?

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business battles

When I open my closet some mornings, it seems odd that my wardrobe doesn’t simply consist of camouflage and military fatigues. It feels like I’m suiting up for business battles to wage war against bad marketing, deadlines, and the competition. Sometimes, the terms of engagement are clear, and it’s just a matter of outsmarting the competition and being the best … Read More

Marketing Lessons from Kids: Business Resiliency

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business resiliency

If you’ve followed my blog, you know that I’m constantly finding inspiration throughout my day-to-day life. I find these lessons to help me be a better business owner and a savvier marketer. Whether it’s buying a new dishwasher, taking a trip through the airport, or spending the day at the splash park, I’ve found that life’s constantly trying to educate … Read More

Workplace Abuse and Entrepreneurship: The Warning Signs

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workplace abuse

Whenever I visit a doctor’s office, a bank, or even a fast-food drive-thru, I’ll often encounter signs that state plainly, “Abusive behaviour or language toward our staff will not be tolerated.” I always appreciate that those signs are there to protect those public-facing employees and staff members. The other day, it gave me pause to stop and think – as … Read More

Challenge: Be a Changemaker

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I was at the mall recently with my son, Lucas, taking a play break in the safari-themed toddler play area, when he did something that immediately got me thinking about the importance of thinking for yourself — especially as an entrepreneur. We frequent this play area quite often, as it is conveniently located in the centre of the mall and … Read More

We Can Become Our Idols

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Who are your business idols? We all have those people we look up to — not celebrities, necessarily, but the movers and shakers within our industry whom we greatly admire based on their talent, merit, intelligence and success. One of my business idols is Manjit Minhas, “beer baroness,” investor on Dragon’s Den and also named to many noteworthy lists including … Read More

Classic Christmas Lessons: On Santa Claus and Brand Loyalty

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This has been a fun tour of classic Christmas tales! I’m going to end off on the most iconic of all: Santa Claus. As a character that was originally created by Coca Cola, Santa has grown into one of the most successful brands in history, with arguably unparalleled brand loyalty. It doesn’t hurt that you have to believe in him … Read More

Coincidences Don’t Exist in Business

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I consider myself a trusting person (maybe too trusting sometimes in a city like Calgary). What can I say? I was raised in Regina in a neighborhood where no one ever locked their doors, we played games in the street from morning until dark and I was never afraid to walk home alone after sunset. I am a firm believer … Read More

Sales Advice from a Savvy Consumer

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I am not a sales person. I don’t pretend to be because there are AWESOME professionals out there who can sell ice to an Eskimo! What I am is a good consumer. I analyze what I like and don’t like about nearly every sales experience I encounter. This may be coming from my 14+ years working in the hospitality industry … Read More