Business Values – Do You Know Yours?

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business values

Ever since my early university days, I’ve made a habit of working out a couple of times a week. I certainly have seen my fair share of different gyms, workout styles, fitness dynamics, and of course, gym stereotypes. Now, I’m going to take a moment to issue a warning: if you don’t like stereotypes, don’t continue reading. I will be … Read More

Spring Cleaning: SMART Goal Check-Up

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We’ve made it through what was, for many of us, a long and brutal winter. The sun is finally beginning to peek from behind the grey clouds, colors are returning, and it’s starting to be possible, at least for a small part of each day, to let in a little bit of fresh air and clear out the stale winter … Read More

Am I My Brand?

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The answer is simply, yes. You and your employees are representations of your business whether you are a sole proprietor or the owner of a Fortune 500 Company. When you think back to when you started your company, the core values and pillars your company were built on were an extension of your personal values. When you hire for your … Read More