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Blogging is one of the most effective online marketing tools for building a loyal following. It allows you to demonstrate your company’s vast knowledge of the industry, products, solutions, and events while allowing you space to share your unique insights and reflections.

Partner with The Marketing Girl today to ensure your blog drives traffic, builds your social media communities, generates links, and pushes leads to your website. Whether you need support optimizing your blog, editing your own words, or managing the entire process, we can support you on a one-time, monthly, or weekly basis with writing expertise to rocket your blog to success.

We’ll develop an effective blogging schedule that meets your needs while considering your available resources.

Your blogging plan will include the following:


Topic and content creation

SEO keywords

SEO keywords and metadata

promotion and marketing tactics

Cross-promotion ideas

engaging and educational content

Engaging and educational content

Clear call-to-actions

Begin engaging your online audience.

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