Attract the RIGHT customers with a brand that pops, a story that sizzles, and a connection that ignites.

The Marketing Girl offers solutions that holistically unite all your marketing strategies to create fireworks that will awe your customers.

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Marketing Solutions

Branding & Strategy

Creating marketing fireworks that launch your brand and sales.

Branding is how the world sees your company – so make sure it’s the most powerful, compelling stories that are getting out there! Let us be your guiding light as you find the spark to ignite your brand and develop marketing strategies to help the world see your brilliance.


Brand Igniter Strategy

Discover the strategic fireworks and marketing gasoline needed to ignite your company’s brand.

Together, we’ll work to identify what makes your company stand out, pinpoint target audiences, strategize ways to reach your customers, and provide the tools and resources to help you spark fireworks in your marketing.


Marketer for Hire

Marketing is full of bright opportunities for creating connections.

From small firecracker tactics to soaring strategies that dazzle, all your marketing needs are supported as we work with you to achieve your business and branding goals. So take back your time and watch your marketing soar skyward!

Content & Writing Solutions

Content that lights up your story and inspires your conversions.

Let’s create content that snaps, crackles, and pops with style and flare (yes, the fire kind!)! From blogging to newsletters to sales promotional material, we’ll make every word sizzle – no matter your content needs.


Blog Launcher

Does putting pen to paper cause you to fade out? Don’t let it kill your spark! Instead, bring sizzle and shine to your content with the Blog Launcher.

Whether just starting your blog or refining it, access the tools you need for consistent, confident writing today!


Promotional Content

Share your stories and shine a light on your successes and solutions through purposeful promotional pieces.

Integrate case studies, sales materials, brochures, and other collateral into your asset library and soar to new marketing heights.



Be the go-to company for your market by sharing industry knowledge and increasing your SEO results through blogging.

Whether strategizing blog posts, editing your copy, or managing the entire process, we can help ignite your blog!

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Website Solutions

Lighting up your online presence with intuitive web design and compelling content.

Your website is your online business card – so don’t leave the design or content to chance. Instead, trust us to build a site with intuitive navigation, spectacular design, strategic SEO, and engaging content to make your company’s online presence skyrocket.


Website Audit

What is your website revealing about your brand? A website audit will help you find out.

From brand cohesiveness to a rich user experience, you’ll understand what you’re doing well and even gain recommendations for adding more spark to your site!


Website Content

Complement your website design with brand-focused, optimized content that will make not only a great first impression and a long-lasting one, too.

We provide impactful, engaging, and search-friendly copy that will help communicate your brand in a way that turns clicks into conversions.


Website Design & Development

Skip the firecrackers and develop a website to make your online presence explode.

Your website is your number one piece of online real estate, so let’s light it up with a custom-branded design, compelling content, easy-to-navigate layouts, and a sales flow that converts browsers to buyers.

Share, engage, convert – ignition!

Build your online brand and sales funnel with an innovative social strategy today.

Social media is about building a community and creating a direct line of communication with your customers. This is your chance to start the conversation and create a spark that ignites your brand! 


Social Media Launcher

Don’t let your brand’s online voice fizzle out! Explode your results on the right social media platforms with a custom-built strategy for your audience.

Spark the brightest conversations on the best platforms to increase brand loyalty, build a dedicated audience, and convert followers to customers.


Social Media Management

You create fireworks in your company – let our content experts make them for your brand online!

We’ll connect with your followers on key social media platforms by sparking engagement and launching timely content.