Who We Work With

  • We found social media and marketing in general, to be overwhelming. It was something that felt cumbersome but that we knew was extremely important in order to talk about the company, grow our following, and to get our brand out there. It was a challenge for us, and it just made sense to get a specialist team like The Marketing Girl to help us with it.

    Since 2017, Amanda and her team have helped us from everything from social media, to website development and so much more.

    Amanda is our go-to-marketer.

    The Marketing Girl’s processes were very efficient and very well laid-out. Right from the beginning, we had a plan, we had a schedule, and we had a timeline along which we would have it all completed. For an example, throughout the website redesign there were a lot of people with a lot of different ideas, different inputs, and different thoughts – and somehow The Marketing Girl was able to take all of that and combine it into one consistent, wholistic message across the website.

    Amanda has done an amazing job of our marketing!

    Chad Smith, CFO & Partner

  • AES is a smaller company. We can’t pump out generic info; our clients are specific to us, and our content needs to reflect this. The Marketing Girl helped make that happen.

    Amanda’s content is better than we had before.

    It feels carefully crafted and less rushed, that’s important for our clients.

    Every week, we’ll amass more followers than we did an entire year before. Getting our message out there is significant for us – now, even our competition comments on how great our marketing is working. Our name and logo are out there much more than they used to be.

    People know who we are, and that’s entirely thanks to The Marketing Girl’s hard work.

    The Marketing Girl cares about us and our success – and it shows in everything their team puts together and creates. As a result, our name and logo are out there much more than they used to be. People know who we are, and that’s entirely thanks to the hard work that The Marketing Girl’s put in.

    Jon Bitonti, VP of Business Development

  • I appreciated how The Marketing Girl came into the office to understand precisely who Surepoint is – as a company and as individuals. How can you build a successful marketing campaign if you don’t know the client’s heartbeat – their products, values, services, and most importantly, their culture?

    The Marketing Girl team simply knocks it out of the park in everything they do. They came highly recommended to me by a mutual colleague, we liked everything they put in front of us, and the pricing made sense, so it was an easy decision. In addition, The Marketing Girl has been agile as our needs have changed over the years from acquiring new companies to opening new locations to developing new partnerships.

    I would recommend Amanda and her team to anyone!

    Martin Socha, VP Sales & Marketing

  • I liked how Amanda and her team took the time to understand who we were and what we wanted to accomplish. It made me feel unique, and that Catalyst wouldn’t just receive a template as to how my branding should be but rather an authentic representation of what it truly is.

    Our relationship with The Marketing Girl has been fantastic. We’re treated very well – very respectfully.

    You guys have done an outstanding job in developing our brand and executing our marketing strategy. The phone hasn’t ever stopped ringing!

    Drew Spencer, Co-Owner

  • Amanda and her team are exceptional, and she delivers on her promises. She makes things happen.

    Right from the get-go, it was a really fabulous fit with The Marketing Girl.

    We love her commitment and energy. The time and money we have spent with The Marketing Girl has been an extremely worthwhile investment.

    Caroline Kugelmass, Owner

  • There is no one locally who has Amanda’s level of content expertise that we wanted. Amanda provides a deeper degree of content…which prepares students more for when they leave here. The students always say they get a lot of value from the presentation and would want Amanda to come back. She also provides the exposure they would otherwise be missing if she wasn’t managing or teaching them how to manage.

    I trust Amanda and what she’s saying. Several enterprises in Western Canada have benefitted from her knowledge and expertise, allowing them to be more recognized in their communities.

    Michael Madore, IME Director

  • I really feel like it’s a partnership. They don’t just execute – they care.

    Working with the team at The Marketing Girl has made it so much easier for me to be visible. What’s important to me is important to them. They got my voice right away, created powerful content I was excited to share, and helped me build a platform I feel comfortable on and can grow from.

    I have C-suite executive leaders approaching me online and even in person to ask me about Absolute Trust®, the foundation of my coaching program. I’ve become the go-to ‘trust expert’ amongst my target audience – something I’d never experienced or even anticipated previously. It is all thanks to The Marketing Girl team.

    Suzanne Ricard-Greenway, Owner and Executive Coach

  • We didn’t know how to market our great product. Thanks to our engagement with The Marketing Girl, we now understand how to get to market and a revenue-generating stage than we otherwise would have.

    We will continue using the marketing plan she developed for us for years.

    The Marketing Girl’s understanding of what our needs were was very impressive. Through in-depth discussions with multiple people in our company, she determined what we needed and provided how the overall marketing plan would achieve our business goals.

    Stephen Mackenzie, Business Development Manager

  • We’d been working with another company for several years and needed something new—a fresh direction. We knew a couple of other companies using Amanda, so we contacted her to connect.

    I’d heard good things from good people – and Amanda proved them all entirely correct.

    Our image and reputation are up. Of course, we’ve always had a high reputation – but now, we’ve boosted that public perception further and can present ourselves as a larger, more professional organization.

    For recruiting – which is becoming more critical – the digital, social generation sees us completing projects and gets a sense of what we’re doing. If all things are equal, they’re more likely to pick us over our competitors because of our online presence – a presence that The Marketing Girl has worked hard to build, cultivate, and help us capitalize on.

    Kevin Noonan, President

  • Amanda was a delight to work with over the course of several months. She seamlessly integrated herself as a member of our team and quickly became an invaluable source of knowledge for the whole organization.

    Amanda’s marketing expertise was valuable in developing and optimizing our website content, bringing it to a whole new level.

    We were lucky to have her working on that project, and I would recommend Amanda to any and all!

    Greg Wagland, Manager of Annual Giving

  • We have worked with Amanda for years, during which time she has taken us from relatively unknown within Calgary to a household name.

    Whether it’s our rebranding, a complete overhaul of our website, managing all of our public relations or planning events, she always listens, executes the plan and maintains our budget.

    I am always delighted with how she has all the parts of the considerable puzzle work and how she involves all of our stakeholders.

    Thanks to Amanda’s work, we have found ourselves in the newspaper at least once per quarter, and won the consumer choice award in our industry two years in a row.

    She has become a part of our company in working with us, allowing everyone to feel comfortable and cooperate.

    David Wallach, CEO/Owner

  • The Marketing Girl has positioned us on social media and through our newsletter as thought leaders in our field.

    She has shown us the power of digital marketing as a lead generation tool. Through our work with Amanda, we have seen the rekindling of client relationships that had floundered, seen our newsletter subscriber database double, and received many sales leads via our optimized and monitored activity on LinkedIn.

    Amanda is a pleasure to work with; we were overwhelmed with the possibilities of digital marketing, and she gave us bite-sized activities that our staff could handle, complete with structure and analysis so that we could clearly see the improvements.

    Kevin Ellis, Vice President