Innovative websites built with purpose and appeal. 

Website design can seem like the black box of the marketing world with long, confusing, and tedious processes – but not when you work with us!

When you connect with The Marketing Girl, you’re in the driver’s seat every step of the way as we navigate the journey toward online success – from our first in-depth discovery session to the exciting final moment when your new website goes live.

Elevate your digital presence to new heights with a website that tells your brand’s story, showcases your products and services, converts shoppers to buyers, and is optimized for all the most widely-used search engines.

Website Design and Development

What You Can Expect From Us

When you work with us, your new website will be:


Engage a larger audience through a website that functions properly across various devices, from desktops to mobile phones. With a custom-designed website, you can be confident that your site will be optimized for your customer’s experience – no matter their device. 


Your company stands apart – and your website should, too! With a creative design that aligns with your business’s unique branding and positioning, your website will showcase all the exceptional and extraordinary details that make your company decisively distinct.


Every site wants to be BFFs with Google, but there’s only so much room on page one. That’s why we’ll perform on-page optimization for your website – to ensure that Google finds you quickly when a potential customer or client looks up terms critical to your industry. 


Your website should reflect the passion and life of your company – your business deserves nothing less! That’s why we approach each and every website we build with intuitive design, crisp imagery, and vibrant branded elements, ensuring your new digital digs catch the eye of every customer browsing your site.


Everyone searches for information on websites differently. That’s why we’ll take an intuitive approach to exploration and navigation when designing your new home on the web. With straightforward yet compelling designs and a thoughtful site layout, every customer visiting your website will quickly and easily find what they’re after. 


A website needs to be more than pretty – it must be designed with purpose and intention. So we’ll build your website with your marketing goals at the centre of our decision-making, giving your website the foundation it needs to work at converting leads just as successfully as your sales team does. 

Our Website Development Process



To kick off your website project, we collaborate with you on how you want your website to look, feel, function, and perform. This is a vital step to capture all your ideas so we can bring them to life and build the exact site you want.


Site Organization & Planning

Let the fun begin – and let your website start to take shape! In this stage, we’ll map out your website navigation, content flow, overall site structure, and specific goal for each page.


Site Design & Development

After some careful and collaborative strategizing, we’ll work at pulling all the pieces together. In this stage, your website goes from plans on paper to a fully functioning, branded online experience with conversion paths, content, and images in place.



Every website goes live with extensive testing across multiple desktop and mobile device platforms – and your experience with The Marketing Girl will be no different. Regarding site testing, think of us as that kid who needs to click on every link and push every button to ensure it works. Diligence is vital in this phase, and our testing team is nothing if not diligent!



We’ve made it to launch – your website is ready to take off into the world! Don’t worry; we’ll be there to ensure your new site gets a perfect send-off with follow-up care and training videos. We also offer ongoing site maintenance!


Ongoing Maintenance

Your website is out in the world and ready to make your company shine, so you want to keep it going strong.

Count on us to keep your website secure, updated and backed up in a safe place with regular checkups and performance reporting.

Trust The Marketing Girl to build a website that connects you to your ideal customers.

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