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The Marketing Girl’s approach to strategy is all about communication and collaboration. We connect with you to develop successful strategies to spark conversation, drive website traffic, and grow your following across your social media platforms while synchronizing with your ongoing marketing initiatives.

Within the Brand Igniter, we will explore your business together to identify who your company truly is, who your best clients are, what makes you stand out from your competition, and how you can set and achieve goals to help grow your company!

To spark your brand, we will first identify your company’s:

  • Brand personality
  • Vision and mission statements
  • Core values
  • Top pains of clients
  • Unique selling / value proposition
  • Key messages
  • Target audiences
  • Company and marketing goals
  • Tactics and metrics

Launching Tools

Creating marketing fireworks that ignite your brand and sales.

A strategy is only complete with execution! So to ensure you’re ready to launch your marketing to new heights, we’ll arm you with the following tactics and tools:


Social Media Launcher

Equipped with your Brand Igniter Strategy, this Launcher takes your social media to new heights to help you go from planning to doing in a few easy steps, setting you up to start maximizing your online initiatives today.

This Launcher includes the following:

  • Goals and metrics to keep you on track for success
  • Platform and schedule recommendations
  • Topic and content generation strategies
  • Strategies for promotions to convert shoppers to buyers
  • Guidelines for reputation management and consistent engagement
  • Tools included: social media editorial calendar, posting schedule and social media checklist

Blog Launcher

Coupled with your Brand Igniter Strategy, this Launcher will help you put pen to paper and build a loyal readership in no time – whether starting a brand-new blog or restarting an existing one!

This Launcher includes the following:

  • Topic ideas to get your blog going tailored to your target audiences
  • Frequency suggestions that are manageable and impactful
  • Sample SEO keywords and tactics to boost your ranking
  • Strategies to drive traffic to your blog and website
  • Ideas to connect your blog to other marketing initiatives
  • Tools included: topic generator, blogging editorial calendar and blogging checklist

Light your brand up and launch it to new heights.

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