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Event Social Media: The Next Day

What is event social media there for if not to let everybody know about all the cool things you did? It’s always fun scrolling through social media on a Sunday morning. I love seeing posts and videos of all the fun, exciting, and hilarious things the people in our lives got up to on Saturday night. Similarly, there’s nothing like seeing a bunch of likes and comments from people on the photos you posted up chronicling how you spent your weekend.

Sharing the highlights of our lives is something event social media excels at. Be sure that you’re taking advantage of this strength after your next event or celebration. Previously, we discussed all the best practices for covering an event on social media as it’s happening. Today, we’re going to look at what you should do after things have wrapped up and everybody’s gone home.

It’s All About the Follow-up

People often overlook how important post-event follow-up can be on social media. There seems to be an assumption that once the event is over, the job’s done. I suggest spending just a bit of time after the event has wrapped up to relive the event on social.

Post Event Management Tips

Here are steps to ensure you leave your guests with a great impression of your business and the occasion:

  • Share a final thank you. When the event is over, share a quick thank you online to show your gratitude to everyone for making the time to come out. It’s only polite, after all!
  • Put together a photo album. Create a quick photo album of some of the pictures from the evening and post it online – the sooner, the better. Bonus points if you’re able to tag people in the pictures, as this will get their attention online and will often lead to an influx of likes, comments, and new followers.
  • Share how awesome the event was. Spend some time in a few follow-up posts recounting the success of the event. Brag. Boast. Gloat. Well, maybe don’t gloat – but definitely let everyone know on no uncertain terms what a great time everyone had!
  • Publish content related to the event. Far too often, heaps of effort will be put into covering an event, capturing every moment, and documenting every minute of the affair – only to have all that great content sit buried in a file on somebody’s laptop. Don’t let this be you! Use the photos, videos, and stories from the evening to create timely, unique content – your followers will thank you for it.
  • Reach out to attendees online. Events are a great way to connect with people and grow your network. In the days following, be sure to reach out to people and leverage the connection of the event to grow your follower base and forge new online relationships. Search out attendees online and spend a moment sharing or liking their content. Don’t be afraid to say hello – a quick post-event message might be the start of long, profitable partnership.
Wrapping It Up

That should about do it! This sort of follow-up really gives you an opportunity to set yourself apart from other businesses or companies out there. By following this advice and taking a few extra steps in the days following an event, you can demonstrate what sets you apart from your competitors, and the extra level of care and attentiveness that you afford to those you associate with. It’s a great way to make an impression, and will really make sure that the investment your business made in hosting the event in the first place pays off.

From post-event follow-up to creating engaging, compelling content, online engagement can take a lot of work to do right. If you feel like you’re spending all of your time on social media, give me a call – I’ll help simplify things and take some of that work off your plate!

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