Event Social Media: The Next Day

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What is event social media there for if not to let everybody know about all the cool things you did? It’s always fun scrolling through social media on a Sunday morning. I love seeing posts and videos of all the fun, exciting, and hilarious things the people in our lives got up to on Saturday night. Similarly, there’s nothing like … Read More

Event Social Media: Success in Real-Time

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Event Social Media

One common complaint you often hear leveled at “today’s generation” and “millennials” is that we spend more time on our phones than we do living real life. While I’m quick to dismiss this sort of finger-wagging, the observation at the centre of this complaint is rock-solid. However, I take a different approach to it. To me, someone posting at a … Read More

How to Identify and Market Towards Your Target Audience

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I’ve talked before on this blog about why it’s important to identify your target audience, but today, I’m going to take a moment to delve a little bit deeper into the “how” of it all. In this post, I’ll cover all the details that you’ll need to know when it comes to determining who your target audience is, adjusting your … Read More

Nine Best Practices to Maximize Your Facebook Interaction

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Facebook is constantly making changes to its layout, newsfeed, and timeline – it’s enough to make your head spin! That being said, working with Facebook is something we’ve been at for a fair while now, and while the frequent changes can be intimidating, there are definitely some tried-and-true best practices that we can impart to boost your Page’s engagement and … Read More

We Can Become Our Idols

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Who are your business idols? We all have those people we look up to — not celebrities, necessarily, but the movers and shakers within our industry whom we greatly admire based on their talent, merit, intelligence and success. One of my business idols is Manjit Minhas, “beer baroness,” investor on Dragon’s Den and also named to many noteworthy lists including … Read More

Allocating Social Media Posts For Multiple Target Audiences

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I recently wrote about the importance of determining your target audience in order to keep your marketing and posts focused. Further to this post, I’d like to examine how you can target your posts as a business owner when you have several target audiences. Rather than writing and targeting all your posts to suit all your target audiences, you should … Read More

But… Where Does the Content Come From?

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How to Find Social Media Content for Your Business When you first start to plan out a social media calendar for your business, or maybe after a couple of months when you’ve lost some of your initial steam, you might start to wonder… where, exactly, are all these posts supposed to come from? There is a method to it, and … Read More