Lessons in Social Media from Christmas Favourites: (Tim Burton’s) The Nightmare Before Christmas

In honour of the Christmas season, we will be sharing 1 blog post a week inspired by Christmas movie favourites. In each post, we will share one tip on how you can improve your social media marketing through the holidays and into the new year.

This Week’s Feature: (Tim Burton’s) The Nightmare Before Christmas
Both this movie itself (with its theme of redecorating Halloween Town to revitalize interest and activity) and its marketing carry a big lesson in what it means to “rebrand.” Deemed too dark and unusual for general audiences, The Nightmare Before Christmas was initially released in limited outlets, and always under Tim Burton’s name, in hopes of drawing audiences who would recognize Burton’s style and thematic work. After an initial limited run, popularity continued to grow as it quickly became a cult hit, and the film and character products continue to have a significant presence in our culture twenty years later.

Lesson in the Movie:
People respond to brands they recognize, like know and trust, but not always in ways we anticipate. If you are hoping to boost your sales by modifying your approach this holiday season, consider your market and their reaction. Be sure your new approach and any affiliated names are ones that your audience will respond to positively. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers or a focus group what their thoughts are on a new approach or product – you would be surprised what you can learn and where this insight can take your business.

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