Take a Timeout to Appreciate Your Support Network

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Whether you’ve been in business a few months, or for years, you’ve come a long way — and you didn’t get here all by yourself! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the support I’ve received both within my business, and from my business allies around me, and the importance of acknowledging that support and showing my gratitude. Internally, I … Read More

Dealing With Discrimination

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How to Handle the Situation With Grace When You’re Judged Unfairly I had just finished up a meeting with a client and their own clients were arriving in the board room space for a meeting which was to immediately follow ours. As I gathered my things to leave, one of their clients, a male on an all-male team (meeting, incidentally, … Read More

Classic Christmas Lessons: On Santa Claus and Brand Loyalty

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This has been a fun tour of classic Christmas tales! I’m going to end off on the most iconic of all: Santa Claus. As a character that was originally created by Coca Cola, Santa has grown into one of the most successful brands in history, with arguably unparalleled brand loyalty. It doesn’t hurt that you have to believe in him … Read More