7 Reasons Your Newsletter Should Be Monthly, Not Quarterly

Many clients ask me what frequency they should do a newsletter and my answer is always the same – a minimum of monthly! Communication with your clients is key to ensure you stay top of mind and the first person they call when they need your services. And no, monthly is not too much, not in today’s world where people are bombarded with brands and yours can easily be forgotten. Here are my seven reasons why monthly newsletters are better than quarterly:

Monthly newsletters give you more content to post for social media, blogs and other platforms in a consistent manner.
Quarterly newsletters only allows for four touch points per year whereas monthly allow for 12.
Often you are cramming a ton of information into a quarterly newsletter because it is only sent out every three months. It is probable that much of this information is overlooked by the reader because it is simply too much to digest at one time. Alternatively, a monthly newsletter allows this information to be divided up on a monthly basis. People are more likely to read and retain smaller pieces of information in a monthly newsletter.
Monthly newsletters enable you to communicate information in a timely manner rather than something that is three months old.
Monthly newsletters create an expectation of receiving a newsletter every month making it a habit rather than quarterly where creating an expectation is far more difficult.
Having three month stretches between newsletters increase the likelihood of list drop off, either because the reader loses interest or change emails. (30% of subscribers change email addresses annually).
Less frequent correspondence also decreases your opportunity to grow your list. With decreased frequency, the opportunities for the reader to share or forward the newsletter to colleagues is far less than if they are given the opportunity on a monthly basis.

Why do you think newsletters should be monthly or quarterly?

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