The Spirit of Giving: Show Your Gratitude

The spirit of giving, when we look closely, is all about gratitude. We give gifts to show our gratitude for our loved ones and because we want to see them happy, largely because of the joy they bring to our lives. We are grateful for our children, our partner, our parents and our friends, and when the holidays come, that gratitude translates into gifts.

As a small business owner, I am also thankful for my clients, my colleagues and my brand champions. So it makes sense that I feel a strong need to show them my gratitude!

Here are a few of my favourite ways to show that gratitude, either at Christmas time or year round:

1. Gifts

The first, and most obvious way to show your thanks is to send (or even better, deliver) a gift to your client, supplier or supporter. You will know the gift that makes the most sense, but a gift card is my personal favourite, as it represents a service that my colleague can look forward to in the future.

Another wonderful way to show your gratitude is to donate to your client’s favourite non-profit in their name. This not only shows that you appreciate them and remember them, but it also gives you both the pleasure of knowing that the community will benefit from the gift.

2. Shout-out

By this, I don’t mean your run-of-the-mill social media nod, but something more detailed and heartfelt.

Try this, for example: “As the holidays draw near, I’d like to take a moment to thank Business X for being a long-time client. I highly recommend their services the next time you need (an event catered/anything printed/top-notch security). They are truly second to none!”

A detailed shout-out like this has extra impact because it’s unexpected and can be very touching for a client. It reminds the client that you notice and appreciate their business. Don’t forget to tag them in the post! Depending on the client, this may be in addition to an actual gift.

3. Heartfelt Thank You

So simple, but very meaningful! A heartfelt and sincere note of thanks is always effective and appreciated. For inspiration, spend some time reflecting on how far your business has come since you began. Think of all the goals you have achieved, and the accomplishments you can be proud of. Now, think of the people who have helped you along the way. Now is a perfect time to write a thank you card!

4. Support Their Events

Showing up to a client’s event to show your support can really mean a lot to them. It may not be an event where you are needed, or one that even interests you, but your presence can mean a lot. I have attended client events that were completed unrelated to our business together, including a funeral, and I have never regretted it. This is really a reflection of the relationship you have built and are continuing to build.

There are so many ways to give during the holiday season that show our gratitude for the people in our lives. Keep it sincere, and authentic, and your message of appreciation is sure to hit home!

You have a lot to be grateful for, and December is a time to plan for your future accomplishments — and for what you’ll be grateful for in the future! If you are planning for the future of your business and feel stuck on any of the marketing components, give me a call! I would love to help you plan your marketing for 2017.

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