Take a Timeout to Appreciate Your Support Network

Whether you’ve been in business a few months, or for years, you’ve come a long way — and you didn’t get here all by yourself!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the support I’ve received both within my business, and from my business allies around me, and the importance of acknowledging that support and showing my gratitude.

Internally, I have found myself amazed to suddenly (it seems — really it has been a gradual build!) be at the helm of a team of seven. When did my business become a team of seven?! This is amazing to me, and I am so very thankful for all the terrific members of my team.

I’ve also been thinking about the support I have found all around me. Friends and family who have rallied around me and my business right from the get-go, as well as my colleagues and clients, and the business allies with whom I have built mutually beneficial relationships. I have relationships with these business allies that are forged of support, encouragement, motivation and inspiration, and we help to keep one another grounded.

As an example of a great business ally relationship, I have seen a relatively minor partnership I formed in the fall with a wonderful marketing strategist grow from one small project into a valuable working relationship that allows us to bounce ideas off of one another, and also motivate and support each other. We even have a running joke that some days we talk to each other more than we do to your own spouses! Since we first worked together on that one small project last fall, we have partnered on a number of other projects, and this business ally contributes a good chunk of business to The Marketing Girl in addition to helping me to bring on more TMG team members.

This summer, take some time to reflect on the humble beginnings of your business. Remember when you had no social media followers, no idea where your first client would come from or how to file your business taxes properly? Now, compare that to where you are now. Think of the goals you have achieved, the mistakes you have made and the lessons you have learned, the happy clients you have served and the network of business connections you have formed.

Next, take some time to look to the future and dream of where you would like to take your business. If you’re ready to take the next step with your marketing, give me a call! I’d love to strategize with you!

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