Workplace Abuse and Entrepreneurship: Overcoming It

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Abuse within professional relationships is a tricky subject to tackle and overcoming it is even deeper. The writing process behind these articles has been a bit of an emotional one. I’ve taken the time to reflect on varying degrees of workplace abuse that my team and I have experienced. Yet, we know that for all we’ve gone through, there are … Read More

Workplace Abuse and Entrepreneurship: Handling a Difficult Situation

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During our last blog, we tackled the tough subject matter of workplace abuse in professional relationships. We addressed how to spot the red flags that might indicate you’ve got an unhealthy connection with a working partner or client in the world of entrepreneurship. Workplace abuse is a common term and a prevalent topic in the business world. As an entrepreneur, … Read More

Workplace Abuse and Entrepreneurship: The Warning Signs

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Whenever I visit a doctor’s office, a bank, or even a fast-food drive-thru, I’ll often encounter signs that state plainly, “Abusive behaviour or language toward our staff will not be tolerated.” I always appreciate that those signs are there to protect those public-facing employees and staff members. The other day, it gave me pause to stop and think – as … Read More

4 Entrepreneur Lessons You Need to Know

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I have run The Marketing Girl for nearly four years and learned many valuable entrepreneur lessons along the way. Some are no-brainers, but some were learned the hard way. I’m going to share a few of them here, so you can learn from my mistakes! 1. Never Take Your Clients for Granted If you were an employee, would you disrespect … Read More