Valuable Clients

Your Valuable Clients – Treat them Like Gold!

As an entrepreneur, I know my clients are a key aspect of my business. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without my valuable clients. They trust me to provide them with the best service and support. There are some approaches we use to ensure clients are always getting the gold-standard service they deserve.

Don’t be a Stickler for “Policy”

For over 15 years, we had our insurance for auto and home with two different providers. Our home insurance provider recently proposed to bundle our auto insurance under their banner at substantial savings. It was a tempting offer. We wanted to chat with our auto insurance provider as they’d always been good to us. Unfortunately, we were told that “our prices are our prices” and they would not budge. Because of their refusal to adapt to save a customer, we ended up cancelling our plan. This is a perfect example of a situation in which sticking to the policy made things more difficult than necessary, leaving a bad taste in our mouths after years of consumer loyalty on our part.

The Customer Service Lesson

Your policies exist to help your business find success and the key to that success is maintaining valuable clients. If your policies start to infringe on your business’s ability to provide top-tier service, it’s time to take a hard look at them. Determine if they are efficient while having space to bend when needed. If not, it may be time to get rid of them altogether. Don’t stick with a policy just because it’s been around for a long time. Be adaptable and be ready to offer your clients that premium level of care they’re after. If you need to take a harder look at your policies, take a look at this post.

Treat All Your Clients Like New Clients

There’s always something special about having a shiny new client to woo and impress. You go out of your way to respond to emails immediately and delivering only the best quality work that you’ve pored over for hours on end. You are eager to accommodate their every edit, request, or rush job, no matter how many times your husband tells you it’s time to shut the laptop off and go to sleep!

There’s something to be learned in the approach we take to new clients as compared to that which we take with our faithful, most loyal business accounts, and it’s this: they should be treated exactly the same way!

The Customer Service Lesson

Eagerness to please? Snappy, on-point communication? Elevated quality of work? The best entrepreneurs strive to deliver this same superior service offering to all of their clients, old and new. That’s how successful business owners not only hang on to the accounts they’ve got, but continue to grow them as well. In other words, word-of-mouth from existing, happy clients can truly be a powerful thing!

Always Offer that Small Business-Style of Service

While you might see your small business as being at a disadvantage compared to the bigger competitors out there with their vast networks of teams, resources, and offerings, chances are, your clients feel exactly the opposite. They didn’t come to you looking to receive the sort of treatment they might get from a bigger business. They came to you for the small business-style of service that emphasizes one-on-one engagement and direct communication. When they had the choice of who to do business with, they chose you.

The Customer Service Lesson

Be sure that no matter how much growth, opportunity, or expansion your business might see that you maintain the same attentive approach to doing business that landed you all those clients and netted you all that success in the first place. Your patrons, your team, and your business portfolio will thank you for it!

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this blog provided you with some insight on how to treat your clients like the gems they are. Consider these lessons, and not only will your business continue to find success, but it will do so on the best possible terms.

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