Advanced Electrical Services


Advanced Electrical Services Ltd. – or AES for short – is a full-range provider of electrical power distribution services and products with expertise in electrical power equipment, protection and control, and substation automation. AES wanted to bring the spark back to its marketing efforts after watching them fizzle and fall short of expectations.

The Marketing Girl was only too happy to help them relight that fuse and launch their marketing results straight into the stratosphere.


The Marketing Girl first connected with AES during the first few months of 2020 with the need to transition from their former marketing company and put some pop and pizzazz back into their marketing efforts. It wasn’t just one aspect of their messaging that needed help – their whole marketing platform needed to find its spark again.

The Marketing Girl went straight to work with a proactive approach that made sense. It started with a LinkedIn overhaul, rebuilding the AES social, digital presence to increase followers, get the brand’s message out there, and be more present in today’s digital world.

From there, The Marketing Girl set to work on the AES website, giving it a breath of fresh air with better storytelling and usability in mind, all with the ultimate goal of showcasing AES as a local, Alberta-based company committed to its client base. Soon, The Marketing Girl became AES’s go-to for every marketing need – from graphic design needs to print materials and much, much more.

We’d been working with another company for several years and needed something new—a fresh direction. We knew a couple of other companies using Amanda, so we contacted her to connect.

I’d heard good things from good people – and Amanda proved them all entirely correct.

-Kevin Noonan, President


Since The Marketing Girl began working with AES, their website is now completely functional and efficient – emphasizing the Alberta business’s professionalism in all that they do.

The AES LinkedIn presence has also grown by leaps and bounds, bringing in followers and sharing our messaging better. Further, AES has established a more established presence in greener market initiatives than the competition.

Across all these endeavours, The Marketing Girl was vital in helping AES get where it needed to be.

Every week, we’ll amass more followers than we did a year before. Getting our message out there is significant for us – now, even our competition comments on how great our marketing is working. Our name and logo are out there much more than they used to be.

People know who we are, and that’s entirely thanks to The Marketing Girl’s hard work.

-Jon Bitonti, VP of Business Development