Surepoint Group


Surepoint Group is a premier energy services company specializing in various sectors, including compression, power generation, EV charging solutions, automation, and more. Surepoint had recognized the need to grow forward from traditional sales and marketing tactics but needed an experienced partner with the knowledge and resources to help them find success on the digital and social frontiers.

They needed a do-it-all marketing mastermind to help launch their business plans sky-high – and they found just that in The Marketing Girl.


The Marketing Girl and Surepoint Group began collaborating in 2019 with a plan to build a heavy social presence online – starting with LinkedIn. However, it wasn’t long before The Marketing Girl’s purview extended well beyond social media management to include brochure development, marketing strategy, content writing, website development, and more.

The Marketing Girl soon became Surepoint Group’s go-to marketing expert, acting as the business’s external marketing manager to manage many of their marketing projects – including a top-to-bottom website redesign – simultaneously and successfully.

The key to making it happen? A keen connection with Surepoint’s internal team and a sound understanding of their culture and marketing goals.

I appreciated how The Marketing Girl came into the office to understand precisely who Surepoint is – as a company and as individuals. How can you build a successful marketing campaign if you don’t know the client’s heartbeat – their products, values, services, and most importantly, their culture?

-Martin Socha, VP of Marketing & Sales


It’s been years since Surepoint started working with The Marketing Girl to ignite its marketing plan, and the results couldn’t be more brilliant. From substantial growth in the social media space to the launch of a beautiful brand-new website and beyond, The Marketing Girl worked to exceed every expectation Surepoint had.

The Marketing Girl team simply knocks it out of the park in everything they do.

They came highly recommended to me by a mutual colleague, we liked everything they put in front of us, and the pricing made sense, so it was an easy decision. In addition, The Marketing Girl has been agile as our needs have changed over the years from acquiring new companies to opening new locations to developing new partnerships.

I would recommend Amanda and her team to anyone!

-Martin Socha, VP of Marketing & Sales