RoboGarden, a global leader in innovative game-based STEM learning, was looking to take the same learning methodology and platform they had success with kids and teens to support adults needing to acquire relevant digital skills to support their future growth and earning potential. As such, they launched an intensive digital skills in-class bootcamps for adults in transition.

In addition, RoboGarden engaged The Marketing Girl to promote awareness of the program launch, along with several other marketing initiatives, working closely with the local and international teams, to ensure the success of the bootcamps.


Working closely with team members across the globe, we developed a full ignite-to-launch marketing program, starting by defining their brand positioning within the adult education marketing, along with critical tactics to achieve the overall bootcamp goals.

Then, laid out in a clear, step-by-step plan, we leveraged collateral they already had in place to ensure effective cost controls while developing new marketing materials to successfully market the program, including website development, promotional videos, marketing collateral, and key marketing initiatives.

The Marketing Girl’s understanding of our needs was very impressive. Through in-depth discussions with multiple people in our company, she determined what we needed and provided how the overall marketing plan would achieve our business goals.

– Stephen Mackenzie, Business Development Manager


In the seven months since the engagement, RoboGarden has found its precise positioning within this new market, saw the success of its first adult bootcamps, and is working with a clear long-term marketing plan over the next few years as they continue to grow.

RoboGarden is excited to continue growing with the clearly laid out path to further advance its position in the adult game-based education sector.

We didn’t know how to [market our great product]. Thanks to our engagement with The Marketing Girl, we now understand how to get to market and a revenue-generating stage than we otherwise would have.
We will continue to use the marketing plan she developed for us for years.

-Stephen Mackenzie, Business Development Manager