Catch Engineering – Chad Smith


Catch Engineering is an innovation-focused engineering firm that operates out of Alberta, offering forward-thinking, multi-disciplinary engineering solutions across Canada, North America, and beyond.

You wouldn’t know that from looking at their old website, though.

What once was cutting-edge digital design had started to feel a bit outdated and old-school – which is precisely where The Marketing Girl and stepped up to lend Catch a hand.


As an engineering firm with a reputation for being cutting-edge, future-minded, and technologically savvy, Catch knew it was essential to ensure its digital home conveyed all that forward-thinking expertise and more. Their current website had done just that – more than half a decade ago, when it first went live.

Since then, Catch had heard from clients and colleagues that the site had grown a little stale, become somewhat challenging to navigate, and could use a bit of an overhaul – and with that, The Marketing Girl and went to work, creating an all-new digital experience for the business.

The key to the new site’s success? The incredible collaborative and synergistic energy brought to the table by this world-class marketing partnership. brought new life to Catch’s digital home, going above and beyond a simple site overhaul by entirely reimagining the site’s layout, navigation, and overall design philosophy – even introducing novel components and new secondary brand colours within a mobile-friendly experience.

While dug into the creative aspects of the redesign, The Marketing Girl handled the logistics, providing top-tier project management and client services that helped keep the project on track, the vision clear and consistent, and ultimately resulted in the entire effort being a bona fide success.

When we decided to redesign the Catch website, we knew that The Marketing Girl would get the job done for us – and do it right. The fact that Amanda and the TMG team know our business and have a history with us was also a big factor in our decision-making.

We also knew that The Marketing Girl is great at problem-solving when it comes to getting our messaging out there, and it just felt that TMG was a natural choice for the work. The price was also incredibly reasonable, which always helps!

– Chad Smith, CFO & Partner


The new Catch Engineering website has gone live with unabashedly positive feedback coming in from both Catch and their clients alike – and that success is all thanks to the singular creative energy that The Marketing Girl and bring to each and every project they collaborate on.

The feedback we’ve heard so far on the new site experience has been excellent. In addition to being a lot more mobile-friendly, it’s also much cleaner and simpler, while still being quite a bit more sophisticated than the old Catch website. There’s a lot there to keep people engaged – it’s very warm, very user-friendly, and very welcoming.

– Chad Smith, CFO & Partner