Catch Engineering – Joel Heal


Catch Engineering is an innovation-focused engineering firm that operates out of Alberta, offering forward-thinking, multi-disciplinary engineering solutions across Canada, North America, and beyond.

The company had a sizeable following on LinkedIn, but they weren’t getting the engagement they hoped for and the community building they expected from social media. The content provided by their previous social media team did not speak to the company’s target audience and did not match the brand of Catch.


To begin engaging Catch’s large following, developed a strategy to create engaging social media content that aligned with Catch’s brand. TMG developed several themes and content ideas while developing complementing assets.

The Marketing Girl has exceeded all expectations that we’ve had. Amanda is our go-to marketing person because we appreciate her honesty, trust her judgement and expertise and above all, she delivers on everything we have asked of her and her team.

– Joel Heal, Director of Business Development, Sales and Marketing


The Marketing Girl worked with Catch to help develop robust, engaging content that encouraged their online community to grow and take an interest in what they had to say across their various platforms.

By highlighting industry happenings, drawing attention to Catch’s involvement in the engineering community, and showcasing the company’s unique brand, The Marketing Girl helped Catch become an online voice worth paying attention to.

Whenever I recommend their services, I always use the term “bang for your buck”; the money we spend with them and the value we get for it is fantastic.

– Joel Heal Director of Business Development, Sales and Marketing