University of Lethbridge


The University of Lethbridge’s Integrated Management Experience (IME) program is an experiential classroom program. As part of this program, students are required to launch a number of social media platforms and manage them with the specific purpose of implementing their classroom training in a real-world scenario.

Director, Michael Madore, required an external social media expert to prepare students for taking the theory being taught in the classroom and how to apply it to real-world experiences and scenarios.


Michael engaged Amanda Schewaga to develop a customized presentation based on the program’s requirements to ensure it supported the theories being taught.

During the presentation, Amanda covered the basics of taking theoretical online marketing into deep, rich, and informative content. Particularly important was the ability to adapt content depending upon the on-the-spot questions from the students without losing the focus on the seminar.

There is no one locally who had the level of content expertise that we wanted. Amanda provides a deeper degree of content…which prepares students more for when they leave here.

-Michael Madore, Director, IME Program, University of Lethbridge


Since Amanda began working with the IME students in 2015, Madore has shared that the quality of student engagement always improves once Amanda presents. There is also a significant improvement in the management of their own platforms.

Students are able to confidently apply the theoretical knowledge they’ve learnt due to the quality conversation and content Amanda provides. She is part of the reason why students are more prepared when they finish the program because of the real-world discussion and scenarios she provides.

The students always say they value the presentation greatly and want Amanda to return.

I trust Amanda and what she’s saying.

-Michael Madore, Director, IME Program, University of Lethbridge