SR Greenway Leadership


SR Greenway Leadership is an executive coaching service built upon the notion of transforming individuals into the sorts of leaders that people are looking to follow.

When it came time for her business to connect with a larger client audience, Suzanne Ricard-Greenway – president and CEO of SR Greenway Leadership – was looking to do the same: build an overarching marketing strategy and online presence that people would be eager to tap that “Follow” button for.

That’s where The Marketing Girl came in to help ignite a spark.


The Marketing Girl worked closely with Suzanne to establish SR Greenway Leadership as a thought leader within the industry.

Through a carefully-executed plan focused on knowledge-sharing and highlighting Suzanne’s extensive expertise in the leadership coaching space, The Marketing Girl boosted SR Greenway Leadership’s presence on social media. She built a foundation for extensive additional online marketing efforts – all while taking away the vulnerability and uncertainty that can come with the territory.

I really feel like it’s a partnership. They don’t just execute – they care.

Working with the team at The Marketing Girl has made it so much easier for me to be visible. What’s important to me is important to them. They got my voice right away, created powerful content I was excited to share, and helped me build a platform I feel comfortable on and can grow from.

-Suzanne Ricard-Greenway, Executive Coach


It wasn’t long before Suzanne and SR Greenway Leadership began to benefit from what she and The Marketing Girl team had created. Her online presence grew, her engagement skyrocketed, and her message began to reach the people she was interested in connecting with – a win-win-win, if we’ve ever heard one.

I now have C-suite executive leaders approaching me online and even in-person to ask me about Absolute Trust®, the foundation of my coaching program.

I’ve become the go-to ‘trust expert’ amongst my target audience – something I’d never experienced or even anticipated previously.

-Suzanne Ricard-Greenway, Executive Coach